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Spring 1000K


Last Revised Feb 26, 2017
San Francisco Randonneurs will host a Spring1000K

Tahoe 1000 

Date: June 8-11, 2017

Start/Finish: Pleasanton, CA

Rider limit: 35

Start time: 05:00 (tentative)

Time limit: 75 Hours, ACP

Ride Fee: $150 (Registration will open Feb 1 refundable until April 1, 70% to May 1 & 50% to June 1, non-refundable there after)

We are currently at the ride limit of 35 - additional riders will be placed on the wait list until sufficient resources can be confirmed

Download the REGISTRATION PAGE here (MS Word doc) or as a Google Doc here REGISTRATION PAGE

Route Description (Subject to revision and final approval of RUSA): A 625 mile ride around Lake Tahoe - from Pleasanton, CA!

A loop route starting & finishing in the San Francisco East Bay city of Pleasanton, CA; heading north across the Bay and up the remote inland margin of the Coastal range and across the Sacramento Valley to Oroville for the first overnight (~240 miles, 8,000ft). The next day will see a long and substancial climb, some 7000' up into the high Sierra thru Downiville to Trukee and around Tahoe along the east shores of lake, after which riders will find their second overnight at South Lake Tahoe (~160 miles, ~15,000ft) ; which will be followed by a climb up Luther Pass, breakfast in Markleeville and a big climb over Ebbets Pass at 8,700ft, followed by the descent of the Sierras back into the San Joaquin Valley; across the valley and finishing in Pleasanton (~215 miles, 11,000ft UP/ ~17,000 DOWN!). From Pleasanton, riders can rest and cach BART to most places Bay Area. 

Note: route revisions in progress due to road conditionsTahoe 1000 route map

Logistics:  Rides must be prepared to be completely self-sufficient. Minimal on-course SAG support will be available, some legs are quite remote but we will staff controls/water stop where distances are greater than 50 miles between services. Drop bag service will be provided from the start to each pre-determined hotel at designated overnight controls and the finish control (riders need only pack a single drop bag). Hi-carb dinner such as spaghetti or lasagna will be served at drop bag controls. Riders will need to make their own accomodations, although we will seek a group rate - so check with us before you book your reservation.

Pleaseanton is accessible by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) from Oakland International Airport and AmTrack. SFR will maintain storage at the start finish hotel for those wanting to leave luggage for the durration of the ride, but SFR cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Regitered Rider List:

Arnold Megan 7319 CA
Sturgill Mike 1847 AZ
Svihura Michael 6715 CA
Behning Mark 887 CA
MERRITT Greg 5120 CA
Walstad Eric 8160 CA
Carlson Drew 6949 CA
Herlihy Patrick 8930 CA
Beckham Jon 8063 CA
Farrell Matt 4708 PA
CHALFANT Michael 10340 CA
Nadeau Jay 10004 CA
Biebuyck Gavin 6887 PA
Thompson Karen 5922 CA
MacFarlane Phil 8400 CA
Clarkson Bryan 6052 CA
Navaro Angela 8872 CA
Beringhele Dan 9239 CA
Haggerty Tom 3356 CA
Prince Gary 4320 WA
Hawks Rob 2515 CA
Adams Sheherezade 9057 CA
Haas Stephen 5831 CA
Kuwabara Yu 9021 CA
Feinberg Brian 9205 CA
Sigman Jeffrey 10687 CA
Sanders Carl 8399 CA
Placiakis Vidas 5343 CA
Mason Tim 1843 CA
Coleman Juliayn 7241 CA
Brown Joe 3760 PA
Brown Jane 8932 PA
Vu Tom 10325 CA