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What's going on in the head of our members. Got a (hopefully bicycle related) blog you want to see included here? Send us a line. These are RSS feeds from different sources including Flickr.

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Recent @ Flickr's San Francisco Photo Pool

Firework 2015 (Image 1) Light&Shape. Sun Red Color. Strauss Statue Finish Control at Nick's Cove
Above photos are from flickr and not hosted here.  For photos hosted in this site visit our Photos page

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Brian Chun
Posts: 7
Fort Bragg 600K photos
Reply #2 on : Wed June 03, 2009, 08:31:27
Please notify Brian if you would like recent images from the 2009 Ft. Bragg 600K (498 total). Or let me know how to post them to the SFR webpage. Thanks.
Lesli Larson
Posts: 7
Oregon Randonneurs wool jersey order
Reply #1 on : Fri November 14, 2008, 19:51:05
For far flung Oregon randonneurs, we're putting together a new wool jersey order for 2009. Please see notice on the Oregon Randonneurs website:

Please note revised pricing for jersey order.

Revised Jersey prices (to include cost of shipping from Woolistic):

Short sleeve jersey costs 79.25
Long sleeve jersey costs 87.25

If you have already sent your check, thank you. You can arrange to pay the additional 1.25 at pickup.

If you have not sent your check yet, please contact Beth Hamon about payment soon. She'd like to have 40 pre-paid jerseys by Nov. 30 so she can place the order on Dec. 2.

Contact Beth here: