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2009 Jersey
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Please respond directly to by Monday evening (03/02/09)

Verbally the color options are:
  • Blue/Green/White,
  • Apricot/Silver/White
  • Silver/White.
With the red bridge support and black lettering similar to what was created for the wool jersey run. Even while having the lowest cost series from 2003 to 2007 from an entry fee standpoint, I was able to accumulate a small balance of cash. It is inappropriate to keep it. Doing a strict rebate is impossible. So I'd like to use this balance to subsidize the order.

I've contacted one vendor VoMaxx- who does the RUSA Modern jerseys. Voler appears to be the most popular vendor out here. I haven't contacted them because their prices are on line. Voler is the front runner. If you are happy with another maker, let me know.

I need to know
  • 1st Color Choice
  • 2nd Color Choice
  • 3rd Color Choice

Interest in:
  • Short Sleeve Jersey, size
  • Long Sleeve Jersey, size
  • Sleeveless windvest, size

Assume Voler "Club Cut" for the sizing

For your response assume that only one design option will be produced for the three jersey options. I do need to know if you are emphatic about a particular colorchoice. By that I mean that if the popular color choice is different from yours, you're notinterested in going with the popular choice.

The price without subsidy is $86 for Long Sleeve, $82 for Short sleeve and, $75 for the vest. This price is for 25 or less items. With subsidy the cost could go down to zero for for a small run. My my guess is that the subsidy will be around 25-30 % if we got the same level of interest that we got with the wool jersey run.

Production time is about 7 weeks at the moment and is very variable.

These design are concept. They are not the final production graphics so minor changes will occur. Feel free to offer critiques of the designs and if there anything should be added or removed. They may not be accommodated but then again they may. If I don't know your thoughts I can't accommodate them. Let me know your choices by Monday evening. For respondents I will tally the results and the costs by next friday to get confirming information. The goal is to have an order placed by March 15. This will be a closed run. If interest isn't expressed in this tight window of offer then you will have to wait until another run (maybe by another member). I need to keep it short so the project can be completed soon.

Thanks for your interest.
Jersey 1: Blue/Green/White
 Jersey-1 Blue/Green
Jersey 2: Apricot/Silver/White
 Jersey 2 Apricot/Silver/White
Jersey 3: Silver/White
 Jersey 3 Silver/White