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SFR 2brevet weekend: July 15/16, 2017

Hello Riders,

 Hwy 116 westbound on the Cloverdale-SF 200k On July 15 and 16 2017, SFR will host the seventh annual 2brevet weekend.

On Saturday, July 15, we begin at the Golden Gate Bridge at 0600.  There will be a 300km brevet that travels to Cloverdale, CA and then completes a loop to Hopland, Ukiah, Boonville and back to Cloverdale.  There will be a 200km brevet that travels along approximately the same route but terminates in Cloverdale without doing the additional loop.

On Sunday, July 16, we begin at Cloverdale City Hall at 0800.  There will be a 200km brevet that begins returns to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Some riders may elect to return south via shorter non-brevet routes, such as the Tour of the Three Breweries permanent (RUSA page, map).



  • Saturday night's dinner location is the patio at the Railroad Station Bar and Grill.  The meal is included with your registration.
  • On July 1 2017, the menu will be announced to riders via e-mail, and you will be asked to choose 1 of 4 dishes.
  • Sunday's finish control will have the stunning spread of snacks and drinks for which SFR events are famous.
  • If you have dietary restrictions, please e-mail  no later than July 1 2017.  We want to get you the food you need, but we need to know well in advance.
Drop Bag Service
  • SFR volunteers run a bag drop service to and from Cloverdale Wine Country Inn and Suites  so that you can have a change of clothes for the evening and a second riding kit for Sunday. 
  • Drop bag size limit is 10" x 10" x 20".  Please do not exceed these dimensions!
  • 300km riders:  Do not plan to access to your drop bags when passing through Cloverdale to do the Booneville Lollipop.  Plan accordingly.
  • Riders are encouraged to cycle and take public transit to the event start as much as possible.
  • A limited number of parking spots are available for riders and volunteers who carpool to the start.  If you are interested in driving or carpooling, please e-mail  .  These parking spots will be unsecured and unmonitored, so please do not leave anything in your car.
  • If you must drive, parking suggestions will be provided in the pre-ride e-mail during the week prior to the event.  These are not formal arrangements for parking, and should be treated only as suggestions.
Volunteer Support
  • Thank you to the folks who have already stepped up to volunteer for this event!
  • We still need volunteers for the event, listed below.  If you are interested in helping, please e-mail Jesse at 
  • Volunteer Roles (link to Volunteer FAQ)
    • Ride Contact:
      • Saturday:  1 person for ride contact 0600 Saturday - 0200 Sunday
      • Sunday:  1 person for ride contact 0800 Sunday - 0930 Sunday
    • Drop Bag Transportation:
      • Saturday & Sunday:  2 people for drop bag transportation:  0500-0700 (SF bag pickup, start control), 1400-1700 (Cloverdale bag dropoff, first shift finish control); Sunday 0700-0815 (Cloverdale bag pickup, collect start control supplies), 1600-1830 (SF bag dropoff, first shift finish control).
      • SFR will pay your expenses, including gas, hotel room, and food.
      • Riders' friends and family are encouraged to support the ride by volunteering for this position!
    • Check-In:
      • Saturday:  4 people for start check-in:  0500-0615 (GGB Visitor Center, SF)
      • Saturday:  6 people for finish check-in and dinner coordination:  1400-1700, 1700-2000, 2000-2300, 2300-0030 (Cloverdale)
      • Sunday:  3 people for start check-in:  0700-0800 (Cloverdale City Hall)
      • Sunday:  4 people for finish check-in:  1600-1830, 1830-2130 (Ft. Scott parking lot @ Lincoln & Storey, SF)
  • SFR will reimburse you for any event related expense – purchases, road tolls, gas – whatever is reasonable – save your receipts.
See you on the road!
Jesse Marsh
SFR 2brevet weekend coordinator


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